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Monday, February 16, 2009

LUX - Only Pure Touches My Skin

If one patiently researches, one will discover that some things aren't new at all. Even advertising ideas are just being rehashed or modernized to suit the changing times. I thought that the tag line "Only Belo Touches My Skin" was an original idea by one of the top advertising firms. I was wrong. See and hear for yourself.


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Deemancipation said...

i love ittttttttt!!!!!!!... antigo talaga....pls post naman po ung solo nila each...tnx for posting tagal ko na hanap commercial na to.

Sirenspeaks said...

I'll do my best in ripping the dvd. Thanks!

Juana said...

grabeh ang payat pa ni ate shawie...mas maganda ngayon si pops kesa noon...kailan lang ganyan ulit buhok ni reg...still i love this commercial!

Anonymous said...

wow nagkasama na pala silang 3 sa isang commercial

Safeguard said...

Eto ang original.