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Monday, December 7, 2009

After the Rain-A Hopeful Christmas with Regine

After the Rain is Regine's Christmas Special inspired by Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng. The background music is Love Was Born on Christmas Day from her Christmas album. Did she sing some of the tracks from this album? A new arrangement, perhaps? Or did she sing more inspiring songs (hope, love, friendship, charity and all the remaining virtues that you can think of)?

I really can't help but be reminded of Mariah Carey's Through the Rain. It's permissible since it's very timely and significant. After Ondoy, I just hope I'll receive Regine cds/dvds, posters, vhs tapes (more than 30 pcs of Reg concert and performances 90's-09) that I lost in Ondoy. I'm wishful thinking again. Regine and Aria doesn't even read blogs. But who knows? A miracle awaits me...May it be a hopeful Christmas for me as well...

Video courtesy of yetkl2

Here's one of my favorite tracks in Love Was Born on Christmas Day - Cradle Me This Christmas. Most people don't know that it has a music video. Enjoy!

Video courtesy of ASirenspeaks2

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