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Friday, February 4, 2011

I ♥ U Pare

I ♥ U Pare will air on Feb. 7, 2011. At first, I was disappointed with the concept since it was from the movie Connie & Carla. It seemed that some Filipino TV writers lack inspiration and the necessary creative juices. 

As always, if you can't be original, you might as well innovate. I ♥ U Pare, I am assuming, will have a little bit of drama, action, musical and most of all comedy. I am expecting it'll be well accepted just like DIVA. A Pinoy teleserye won't be complete wthout a love story. So I guess, the character of Dingdong Dantes is part of the innovation process. One can never be complacent, so Big Stars and even Supernovas (actors & actresses who used to be popular) are needed to continuously entice the Filipino audience.

So after seeing the trailer, I guess, I'll enjoy watching Regine as a Drag Queen. Also, since Paolo Ballesteros is such a Queen, I am looking forward to the production numbers in this show. Paolo looks like Kristine Hermosa minus the Adam's apple or her twin sister. 

I was really shocked when I saw Lady Gagita's appearance in Wish Ko Lang. I didn't expect She will be easily forgotten. At least, I ♥ U Pare will revive her career. Also, it will give her a new source of income and hopefully inspiration. 

Instead of Regine looking like a Drag Queen, she looked more like Bozo the Clown. 

This is more Drag Queenish.

Choosing Vigan is one the best decisions the production of this show made.

Thanks to Kit Sherwin Cruz and to Lady Gagita!


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