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Monday, September 19, 2011

Remembering Ondoy and ELENIN?

In less than a week, it'll be Ondoy's 2nd anniversary. I wish I'll have more time for updating this blog. Since SEO requires tons of writing, my only diversions are coffee shops (and I can't drink caffeinated drinks- the irony of it all), Instagram, Foursquares and walking. I've been nostagic that I watched my Ondoy videos and just spent hours looking at pictures. That hospital in Ortigas extension has been my fave ER section for my panic attacks that developed in 2007. 

I guess, I can never erase the memories of Ondoy coz that would only mean deleting my own birthday. Here are some of the things that are worth remembering:

- I've had dreams about flooding. Dreams of water inside my room. I should have paid more attention to my dreams given that some of them actualized.

- I was still hopeful that the filthy flood water would subside on the evening of Sept. 26 just in time for my so-called birthday bash. I'm not comfy with the idea of celebrating my birthday but I finally gave in (thanks to the hotel's accommodation promo). 

- Now I can explain why I wasn't comfy with that hotel reservation. I never felt miserable nor loathed God. It was a once in a lifetime experience. On the 27th, it was the best birthday ever! No electricity, limited food supply and it was just an awkward situation to greet me a Happy Birthday! (Lol). I was just grateful that we're alive. 

- I've learned to let go of my collections (Jap, Korean, Reg). Now life is more simple since I am not obligated to collect stuff. It's quite hard to lose stuff that will remind you of the people who became a part of your life. I guess, that's why we have memories.

- Our Muslim neighbors had to eat pork since they had no choice. 

- The howling sounds of dogs who survived or were about to die. That's the creepiest sound ever on a dark and rainy night. 

- The rescue efforts of my friends (you know who you are). Braving the strong current, chest-deep cold and filthy water (oil and mud) was just unbelievable! My neighbors are forever grateful for the water and food supply.

- Cannot imagine how I survived that night when I slipped and fell on our neighbor's mossy roof. I guess the angels were protecting me and that I still have important things to do. Also, no need for a costly CT Scan!

- First banca ride made from a coconut's trunk. The entire scene was like Pre-Rapture. I didn't expect people clinging on trees for their dear lives on the 2nd night. 

- Seeing our dogs being patient with the entire situation. No food, only water. The flood waters sudsided on the third day in my area since we're near the Floodway. Our location became a basin for all the excess water.

- If you live in a village, rescue efforts won't prioritize you. The Help coming from choppers will only throw basic survival stuff if your house look old and dilapidated. We've been waiving for almost an hour but we never received any help. I enjoyed the experience though hehehe.

- The heart chakra is only activated during catastrophic events. This should not be the case.

I was drawn to this picture. It took me almost two years to discover real life drama captured on modern day gadgets. Maybe at that time, being part of the Event is already enough.  I was consciously and subsconsciouly avoiding Ondoy pictures. This picture's in Pasig I just can't identify the exact street address. I was rescued by  my friends at night time (27th). Still giving them enough time to greet me hehehe. I never witnessed the relief operations in my village. I can relate to the need for food and water. Also, I had to check my body for open wounds since I don't wanna be part of Leptospirosis' statistics. I already escaped a head injury and I can't be a victim of a rat's poop. No wonder this pic stood out from the thousands of contributors. Good job!

So what about Elenin? Again, my fate is intertwined with significant life-changing events. The critical window period is from Sep 22 - Oct 1. It doesn't end there. It's just the beginning of a roller coaster ride. 

Based on the tons of readings and videos I watched, it's a comet. What's so special about ELENIN? There seems to be a code for its name ELE - Extinction Level Event and NIN representing the 9th month (Sept). I learned about the Extinction Level Event when I watched the movie Deep Impact. Almost all of the important scenes in the movie were actualized after a decade (creepy). It made me think that Hollywood  scriptwriters must have some special connections with occult practitioners. The truth can be stranger than fiction.

The earth's axis moved twice on these dates - February 27, 2010 (8.8) and March 11, 2011 (9.0). These dates coincided with the alignment of ELENIN-Earth-Sun. The next alignment will be on the 26th/27th of this month. That means, another Major event will occur between Sep 22 - Oct 1. It can be a combination of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, meteors, etc.

I'm starting to believe that this 188/189 cycle theory is true. Again, it has been consistent with the Honshu EQ last week and the India/Tibet EQ on the 18th at magnitude 6.9. As much as I want to live for the moment, I cannot help but empower myself with these information. Some might brand it as fear-mongering info but they have been consistent on a scientific manner. 

I learned my lesson from Ondoy. This year, I already had 4 recurring dreams about earthquakes. Also, meteor showers but on a greater scale (destructive ones). If my dreams are warning me then I do not see any harm sharing them to anyone who will accidentally view this blog entry. I'm also seeing a pattern whenever something Big is about to happen - I get dizzy (usually for a day or two). I've been checked by several doctors and the results were normal. They just give me the usual meds for Vertigo - SERC/Cinnarizine. Two weeks before Ondoy happened, I couldn't touch my laptop's keyboard - I get electrocuted. It lasted for a week and had to go through Diabetes testing and radiation. Again, everything's normal.

I've always been a cynic/skeptic and I need to be very objective with everything. I guess, there are things that simply defy science. After years of searching, I'd like to believe that I've been experiencing DNA activation symptoms. For now, I'll still keep an open mind and observe. I'm absolutely not instilling fear to myself nor to others. Destiny comes to those who listen and Fate finds the rest. Learn what you can Learn. Do what you can Do. It won't hurt if you prepare.

Thanks a lot to 9Nania and Jades!!!

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