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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Regine's Pre-loaded MP3 & MP4 Players

Finally the Philippine music industry is moving forward. It's definitely a breath of fresh air ( ala Simon Cowell) to see that the music industry is evolving. As the country's top diva, Regine is obviously the best choice as the marketable artist (multimedia wise)- the singer who can sell mp3 and mp4 players. Remember the proliferation of the now popular WOW Magic Sing was first endorsed by her.

The MP3 Player costs Php 950 and the MP4 Player at Php 1800. The players are pre-loaded with songs from her 7 albums. For your easy reference, please refer below.

18 tracks

10 tracks

8 tracks

11 tracks

13 tracks

5 tracks

5 tracks

You really have to check the MP4 player and see the videos loaded. These are truly Regine Must Haves especially to serious collectors. If you have extra moolah then splurge for the love of our beloved Songbird! One will surely learn to appreciate Regine's transitions and vocal evolutions. It's nice to support these so-called risks by the record companies and other industries involved. We're quite near the digital downloads being practiced in US. This is just the beginning. Of course, the music industry MUST still take risks in promoting Original Pilipino Music. We can never totally veer away from covering beautiful classic songs, but we can start producing more original music. Something that Filipinos can be proud of as their own.

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Soldiers of Songbird said...

Multimedia Artist tlaga c Regine! Kudos! sana dame buy.

Wings said...

Ang mahal!! Pero it's worth it.

RG said...

I've seem the mp4 the black one. I wonder if there are other colors available?

bUnNy said...


regine mp3s!!!

can I have them all?


ElGy said...

Hmm. Baka cdr king lang yan mp3 & mp4 players nya? May warranty kaya n 3 mos?

Inggitera said...

Nakabili na rin ako sa wakas!!! Pinagipunan ko sya ng i week and it's worth it. Hahahaha!!!

Bakekang said...

Ayyy! Super Fan! Ako'y dakilang movie fan movie fan movie fan...

SOS said...

Regine's truly the multimedia artist of our generation! Beat that Charice!

Mp3 Touch Screen said...

Great ones here...All the ones are good.