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Thursday, March 5, 2009


I've been to similar paths - long and winding roads leading to traumatic events. I have waited for more than six months to get in a government agency. Maybe the problem is ME. I seem to know what I want in life that I tend to overlook on my real needs. Will this lead me to the elusive success story that I've been dreaming to have someday? Friends and families must have been tired of my so called vicious work cycle. I assured them it's not about boredom. Maybe these are deep seated issues on people who have caused me traumatic work experiences. Is it preposterous to say that I'm BiPolar?

As I exhume my past, I've seen these Regine memorabilias given by friends and of course signed by the Songbird. As I'm drawn to reconcile with my past self, I was also drawn to these beautiful sketches. See the beauty unravel through the eyes of these artists. Enjoy!

Thanks to M. Villegas (Sketch 1) and to R. Nolasco (Sketch 2)!!!

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alexis1641 said...



penge copy...


deemancipation said...

beautiful artwork!

Anonymous said...

wow! thanks for sharing!

art + regine = perfection

Wings said...

Sounds like a visa commercial. Thanks!

Malang said...

I love it so much more than the everyday internet pictures that are always available. Thanks for sharing.

RITCHIE said...

oh my god! it's been 9 years since i made that drawing, i miss those times... i hope you are doing great.
regine was always my "muse" either in my art or in my music. when i get home for vacation, im going to look for the other sketches i did of regine since i was in high school and give scanned copies. thanks for keeping this sketch my friend. i really appreciate it.