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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Low Key Clouds @ The New Eastwood Mall (3.13.09)

The venue's pretty ugly. Ugly because of the on-going construction of the fountain. Pretty coz it's somewhat a mini-replica of Greenbelt 3. I just realized that the production didn't match the Songbird's talent. This was just a disappointing scenario to see and hear Regine relying on minus one/multiplex. Are these signs of global economic slowdown? The redeeming factors were the sound system that was three times better than the one in Central Plaza where The Dawn was playing. Also, Regine's exemplary vocals. Here is Regine's not so grand entrance since she had to to walk from the basement parking in stilletos. It just showed her patience and professionalism. Enjoy Rah Band's hit song Clouds Across The Moon in stereo recording!

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Engkantotero said...

Nakita ako!!!! Woohooo!!!! May exposure na rin ako!!