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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Regine's Her Bench And I'm Telling You Mp3

Regine's own line of fragrance. I just hope this will be more successful than her Reigne collection in Sari-Sari.

The Songbird Scent - Light Powdery Fruity Floral

Reigne Scent - Romantic Flirtatious Floral

I love the packaging and the pictures. I just don't like the use of Lilac which is strongly associated with Mariah Carey's perfume and E=MC album. I'm sure Regine has more interesting colors to offer. Good thing both scents don't have the marshmallow aroma. At less than 400Php, this will be a hit!

This was launched at SM MOA Activity center last Saturday. She got bored--- again and made an 8 second sustained scaling in hitting the Bb5 note.

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