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Friday, November 27, 2009

Darna Book 2: Regine Velasquez as Planet Woman

Darna's Book 2 will start on Nov. 30. Regine Velasquez' devouts will be happy to see their esteemed Songbird in a Villainess role. According to Raffy Arcega a Darna Consulant " So far Regine's the only Planet Woman that has been cast. Whether she's gonna have a team remains to be seen. In the original movie, the Planet Women are called that because they steal worlds in order to annexe them as their own planet is overly populated. But in order to do that, they intend to take the Earth from its place in the Universe and displace it spatially but in doing so destroys Earth's life forms".

There's a bunch of villainesses in the presence of Rochelle Pangilinan as Babaeng Manananggal, Jackie Rice as Diabolica, Katrina Halili as Serpina and a villain Akihiro as a Vampire (talk about the Twiight series). More enemies, more action and of course Higher ratings!

Video courtesy of TeAmo14344


raffya said...

Thanks for your article regarding DARNA BOOK 2. Glad to hear Regine is playing ELECTRA- Queen of the Planet Women.

I found out the names of the other characters:

Akihito Sato plays VLADIMIR the vampire.

Rochelle Pangilinan plays DEBORAH, Ang Manananggal (a Mars Ravelo-created villain from the komiks 'Darna at ang Babaing Lawin'who was originally (BABAING LAWIN)Armida's mother.)

Jackie Rice plays HELGA, the Pyrokinetic Demoness

and of course, Katrina Halili as the adult SERPINA, Princess of Serpents.

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