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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Regine At the New Eastwood Mall (Nov. 22, 2008)

The New Eastwood Mall had its soft opening last week. To show that this mall is a formidable one, they had invited Regine to perform. The Velasquez family's almost complete (except for the brother) including George's yaya and the family driver. It's just nice to see that with the affluence they have now, they remain humble. Usually nouveau riche families would really flaunt their newly acquired status in life.

Note: Simply click the pictures to enlarge them. ENJOY!

The Eastwood Mall is patterned after Greenbelt 4, The Podium, Rockwell and the Shangrila Mall. Since its new, I really appreciate the a/c. It's half finished and the mall, I believe was built to replace the Old Eastwood mall. I heard the 4th floor of that mall will be converted as a call center. Gosh, we're plagued with BPOs. They're like mushrooms. I wonder what will happen once Obama takes over next year.

Enough of the mall and useless information. Here are the videos for your viewing and listening pleasure. For the love of our Songbird... Enjoy!

I reach for you. You seem so near... Yet so far...

Someone to hold, someone to cry...

Para akong isang sirang ulo, hilo at lito

Sana Maulit Muli sheesh just when i thought everything's ok.. Disaster! Is this a premonition???

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I would have made a scene when the guards kept on reminding us that we're on strike 2. Meaning, they'd either confiscate or ask us to delete the recorded performances. HINDEE!!! (MAGKAKAMATAYAN TAYO!) (ARAY>> ARAY BITAWAN NYO AKO! NASASAKTAN AKO!) I just don't get it. I'm grateful that Eastwood City (Mega World Corp.) has been continuously hiring Regine's services (referring to Aria). A free concert is devoid of any limitations. The only exception is, if your in a venue wherein Rules are strictly promulgated. This isn't a private performance that would jeopardize their marketing efforts. They could have informed the audience before the show started or should have just made this a private engagement. I saw an ABS-CBN camera crew, so I was thinking that they'd probably use their coverage any time soon -- evening news?

Not to be affected by this unfortunate incident. I used plan B - record Regine's performance in audio format. This, I believe, would still satiate any Regine devout's craving for her music, especially LIVE performances. Here are some audio files for your listening pleasure. ENJOY!

* Please wait for the audio files to be uploaded *

All good things must come to an end... Bye Songbird. See you next weeK!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this SIRENSPEAKS.

If you have more videos, upload it. hehe


She's beautiful there!

cherrs said...

thanks so much for sharing your videos.

Please post more songs if you were able to record it.

will visit your blog regularly. You are such a good writer you can be RV's publicist!

Sirenspeaks said...

WOW!!! More than words can say! Thanks! Pls wait for more video uploads and audio files. I'm tired. I need more coffee. Aria can you hear me???

Anonymous said...

I'm the first one who commented here. ANONYMOUS. hehehe

this is RODNANERODNENA of Youtube

Thanks for this! I'll wait for more!

Sirenspeaks said...

WOW! Thanks! Don't worry I will be featuring David Cook soon.

Anonymous said...

DC..? Really? hehehe Thanks! looking forward to that.

Have you buy a copy of the album?(off topic)

Is this show made for the Opening of New Eastwood mall?

If I'm not mistake, every year, she's doing a show there at Eastwood.


Anonymous said...

Sa mga security personnels-- Mga Inggitera Kau! Bumili kayo ng sarili nyong camera! Kayo na lang kaya pumalit kay Regine! Istorbo sa panunuod ko!

Kengkeng said...

Magkatabi kami ni sirenspeaks sa gilid. Katabi namin si Maru at si Diane. For some reason, nakatayo din sila sa gilid katabi namin. Sinisilip ko nga yung paper na hawak ni Maru so alam ko na yung mga kakantahin ni Reg.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this and uploading the audio files w/c are not recorded on cam.

this is Rodney :)

Chonatics said...

Galeng naman ni Ate Chona! Walang Kupas at kapaguran ang lalamunan sa pagbirit!!! WE WANT MORE!!!

Sirenspeaks said...

Thanks and it's nice to hear that you enjoyed the mp3s. I've embedded a player that has a playlist of Regine's Live Performances. So at least, while surfing or reading you have Reg's live performances playing.