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Monday, November 24, 2008

Regine Whistles @ The New Eastwood Mall (11.22.08)

As promised, here are the audio files for your listening pleasure. Amazing! They're in good quality. The guards were able to tame us, but the Songbird's legion of extra ordinarily innovative devouts persisted--- Alas, triumphed! With no further introduction...

I can't stop smiling hearing this......

Cant Smile Without You Regine Eastwood Mall.mp3 - Regine Velasquez

A number of people aren't familiar with the Songbird's Whistling talent. So Regine playfully experimented on this talent.

Whistle Regine Eastwood Mall.mp3 - Regine Velasquez

Regine has always been grateful having wonderful and supportive parents. She can't thank them enough for the gift of music. She can only show them her sincere appreciation through this song... More than words can say. She might as well do it in this manner -- You'll Never Know it must be Mommy V's and Mang Gerry's fave song.

Youll Never Know Regine Eastwood Mall.mp3 - Regine Velasquez

Taking advantage of the situation, Regine promoted her new album - LOW KEY. She just focused on the album's selling point - 17 beautifully arranged (FRESH) love songs and a Christmas song by Jim Brickman. A good Christmas gift for one's listening and singing indulgence, since it comes with a Minus One. A free poster... What more can you ask for??? So here's the carrier single ---

Tell Me That You Love Me Regine Eastwood Mall.mp3 - Regine Velasquez

It's just unfortunate that the It Might Be You recording was corrupted. This song is rarely performed by Regine. To think that it's the Patti Austin version. How Sad... really sad. I just hope that within this week, somebody will share his or her vid or audio file. PLEASE!!!

My Only Hope, I'm still waiting for the upload... I'll be waiting...


I know now, You're my only HOPE.
Thanks danezero8!

Ending the show in a HIGH Note, the Songbird runs away...

Thanks to Danezero8 for this rare video. Please understand that the security personnels were given strict orders - decimate all Regine video fanatics. Here's the audio format (It's complete =)). ENJOY!

Run To You Regine Eastwood Mall.mp3 - Regine Velasquez

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Gretchen B said...

I was there too and I can attest to everything that sirenspeaks is saying. Hahaha!!! Kawawa naman yung mga pinagalitan ng guard sa kaka-video including kami. I hate it. They're all crazy!!

Aling Mariah said...

Kairita yang mga guard na yan! Lakaran nang lakkaran. Nakaharang sa view eh mga dugyot naman sila.

Lolo Mao said...

Can you give me the list of songs she sang? Many Thanks for posting this blog....

Lolo Mao

Sirenspeaks said...

1. Songbird
2. You are my song
3. Maybe it's you
4. Araw Gabi
5. Sana Maulit Muli
6. Follow The Sun
7. Hold Me In Your Arms
8. Only Hope
9. It Might Be You
10. You'll Never Know
11. Tell Me That You Love Me
12. Run to You

Did you like the mp3s? Thanks for the appreciation. Cheers!

alexis1641 said...


REGINE IS so amazing...

thanks 4 uploading her performance in your blog...

sobrang natuwa ako sa rendition nya ng run to you...

HA!!! beat that sarah geronimo and charice!!!



Anonymous said...

na upload ko nah ung only hope..
two parts yun....
kasi dumating ung manong..
bawal daw mag video..hahahaha
buti hindi kami napagalitan...


Chonatics said...

WOOOA!!! Only HOPE!!! Thanks soo much.. I'll tell my fellow CHONAtics about this blog!

Sirenspeaks said...

Thanks danezero8! Check the blog entry and you'll definitely see your name being acknowledged!

Emancipation said...

LOLz@ HA!!! beat that sarah geronimo and charice!!!

Well what can I say?


Jonatics said...