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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Asia Pacific Singing Festival 1989

Still trying to carve a niche of her own, Regine decided to join an international singing contest in Hongkong. The pressure's on her since the previous winners were Filipinos (Ivy Violan and Dulce).

Here's a clip of the Asia Pacific Singing Festival 1988.

Usually, it's a proven formula that for an artist to be recognized, he or she must win in a singing contest. Regine's victory in Bagong Kampeon wasn't enough to make her a star. Joining an international contest might attract more attention and respect from her hard to please Filipino audience. Here's her journey in Hongkong. A petite, lanky lass covered with 2 inch paddings. Enjoy!

Something's not right. Try this other video which has the right key. The belted high notes sounded more realistic (not chipmunkish).

The victory in Hongkong paved the way for most people in the industry in naming her THE Asia's Songbird...

Thanks to the following Regine friends : 1PHse, divadomination, gma7kapuso

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Anonymous said...

This was long time ago, wow

Anonymous said...

Nakakatawa naman si Ivy Violan! parang dapat ginawan mo cya ng transformation. Parang iba iba ng anggulo un ilong nya. Proud to be Filipina!

Anonymous said...

I agree napanuod k nga cya sa Eat Bulaga this week. Un Sa Pula Sa Puti. Bumibirit cya tapos sabay nag split. Festival Queen ang tawag sa kanya. Galeng!

CP said...

Ikaw ang ginagaya ko tlaga nde cna Celine or Whitney Houston! Kakaiba ka Songbird!

Dee said...

Can you post "And I am Telling You", she sang that too in the Asia Pacific Festival...I remember watching her and felt proud to be a Filipino!