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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Charice Pempengco's Note to God

Finally, Charice released her first single Note to God where else? - Oprah Winfrey Show! That definitely gave her all the media mileage that she needs. I really want her album to reach Gold and then Platinum (dream BIG). We need more Filipinos and Asians in the elusive US Music Industry. Coco Lee was able to penetrate the market, but it wasn't enough. Her star's luster fizzled which made it more difficult for Asian artists to enter the industry. Record producers are scared to gamble.

A Note to God is  not an original Charice song. It was originally recorded by Jojo two years ago. I really don't care if this is a cover song. What's important is that Charice gave it her own touch, something that Jojo can't even replicate in LIVE performances. Her voice was powerful and just perfect for the occasion. She took control instead of being over powered by the choir. As expected, her manager Oprah was seen crying on screen. She must have been overwhelmed by Charice's voice and the millions of $$$ she'll get in return.

Charice was properly dressed. Nothing flamboyant. Nothing matronly.  Just suitable this time to her age ( a teenager). Since Oprah's managing her career, I really want her to get a product endorsement for Charice. I still insist that Oprah talks to Pastry ( Oprah's clout plus Pastry's fashion ideals will suit and benefit Charice's growing popularity in US.  Just imagine Charice in famous Pastry shoes and apparels. She will never go wrong with Pastry. 

Here's Charice's LIVE performance of her first single - Note to God. ENJOY!!!

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deemancipation said...

first it was manny pacquiao conquering the world now it's charice capturing the international music scene...way to go!...filipinos are talented and deserves to be recognize in the whole world...yipee we are going places!...ang sarap maging pinoy!!!

Paris Hilton said...

She looks like one of the Chipmunks.