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Monday, May 4, 2009

Regine's 18 Greatest Hits!

Regine's new album is a compilation of just some of her greatest hits. I believe that this is a birthday album present to her fans. It's nice to hear that they have digitally remastered songs that were recorded in the early 90s. So expect better sound quality of her earlier hits like Narito Ako, Urong Sulong, Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang, etc.

This album also included not so popular Regine songs like Maghihintay Ako Sa 'Yo and Kastilyong Buhangin. This is actually a good way to educate new Regine devouts. At least, they will be equipped with necessary Regine discography. Also, they will hear how Regine evolved as a singer thru her voice technique, timbre and style.

A Regine Greatest Hits album will not be complete without the movie theme songs she popularized. The album is just a teaser with her winning song in Ang Bagong Kampeon - In Your Eyes by George Benson. So it's safe to assume that Regine's dog George coined its name from George Benson and George Clooney- the Georges in Regine's life.

Of course the Greatest Hits album will not be Regine's if Belting Songs are not included. It was definitely nice to have On The Wings of Love and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. These songs will continuously remind everyone that the Songbird is the Ultimate Belter in our country--possibly in the whole world.

I still feel that the release of this album is preposterous! Its goal is not to satiate Regine's fans, but the bank accounts of these recording companies. Nothing new... Nothing spectacular... So soo album layout and pictures. The only redeeming factor is Regine's Amazing Vocal Prowess!

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