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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day Contest - She's Always A Woman to Me

Regine recorded this Billy Joel song - She's Always a Woman to Me as a way to thank her mom - Mommy V. This song is included in her Low Key Album which is still gaining popularity and more platinum awards. I wonder if the album has reached triple platinum already.

I really adore Regine's version, since it has once again, showcased her sweet & pristine voice. Most of all, it showed her whistling skill, veering from her famous belting prowess. ,I have uploaded a live performance of this song, in one of her Low Key Mall tours.

Now, I'm thinking of how to thank our Mothers or people we know who have assumed motherly roles. I can only think of sharing this legit Mother's Day contest by Pastry kicks.

Who wants to follow Barbie's timeless footsteps. Every girl, I suppose. Who ever thought that this impossible dream will one day materialize with the help of shoe connoisseurs Angela and Vanessa Simmons and their love for pastries. Even at 25, I can be all the Barbie that I want to be with their youthful Pastry Shoes collection. You might want to check them out at and live the dream.

With Mother’s day right around the corner, Vanessa and Angela Simmons want to give thanks to all the wonderful moms around the world.

Write a poem , send it to and let us know What Makes your Mom the best Mother in the world?


Winner will be announced on friday at 8pm EST and posted on the site. For contest details please check this link:

Make your Momma Proud - Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in the world! Enjoy!

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Fabuloza said...

I wanna join!!! I want those!!! Wala pa niyan dito sa Philippines!!! Ako pa lang ata ang magkakaroon ng ganyan dito, if ever!!! Woohooo!!!!

OlivineRaine said...

Even though I have a complicated relationship with my mom, (well, who doesn't?) I also love this song for her.