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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Regine's I Go Crazy Fantasy Eastwood

I appreciate that the Eastwood Mall Management had a budget for their open park stage. At least, it won't be a concern anymore if it rains. It's given that Rain is Regine's twin sister. It's just unfortunate that Kyla was one of the victims when it rained on her show. 

Just one the promotional tarps in Eastwood City

The poor a/c in Alabang Town Center caused Regine's cough and colds. It's a good thing that she has somewhat recovered. The first 4 songs were plagued with phlegm type sound when she talked. The garalgal singing voice was obviously caused by phlegm. One of Regine's talent is singing with a lozenge in her mouth. I've seen her do this since the early 90s. It has been more than a decade already and she hasn't  accidentally choked. This is one of her most difficult and applauded songs ( I Go Crazy - Fantasy Covers cd). People were blown away and were amazed on how she belted those high notes given that her voice was cracking on the first four songs, Oh well. that's Regine - No excuses even with a sore throat!

Enjoy this performance. The HD recording when converted to regular video files somewhat got affected. But the stereo recording is still superb. The belting part in Crazy reminded me of NSYnc's I Drive Myself Crazy. hehehe


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