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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Darna's Impressive 1st Night Rating

When the new Darna was revealed, a number of detractors have been very skeptical of Marian Rivera's capability of matching Angel Locsin's Darna and its consistent high ratings. I now believe that bad publicities, negative comments and a lot of hard work can result to amazing ratings. Indeed, Marian can stand alone and Darna is a well loved heroine in the Philippines. I am already convinced that Marian is the new Primetime Queen!

The pilot of Darna last night generated a whopping 44.1% (AGB) 47.6 %(TNS) in Mega Manila. This is despite the fact that Marian Rivera has yet to appear. - Marian Rivera, truly the QUEEN of PRIMETIME on Philippine Television!!

Marian enjoying her new role as Darna!

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Anonymous said...

Marian's Darna did not surpass Angel's high rating!! Angel indeed is the much loved Darna and the sexiest ever!!!