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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Experiencing Dingdong Dantes VCD/DVD

The Dingdong Dantes Experience VCD/DVD's an instant hit. Imagine it easily reached Gold status in a week's time. When I heard about this album, I initially thought that Dingdong is merely following the career path of Piolo Pascual. I was wrong! It's a good thing that this is more of a personal album geared towars showing the humane side of Dingdong. It didn't make a laughing stock out of him by forcing him to sing. Instead, it capitalized on his dancing and hosting skills.

I am sure this will hit the Platinum status in less than a month's time. Dingdong was sincere it his autograph signing. He talked to his fans and gave each one of them a personalized touch. He enjoyed what he's doing, even in the most humid malls in Metro Manila.

For sure, many fans will truly enjoy--- Experiencing Dingdong's...

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