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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Regine's Most Requested Aug 1, 2009

Regine's been working hard again rehearsing for Regine's Most Requested, hosting in SOP and shooting her new movie with Aga Muhlach (Umboy at Bern). These are the reasons why for the past two weeks her voice seemed to have lost its usual power in her Versions segment in SOP. Her voice's fatigued.

Once again, she amazed everyone that Regine Velasquez is definitely not going through a Mariah Carey voice Breakdown. This is her repertoire and just imagine how these songs can be very vocally challenging even to professional singers like her.

This transcript and video sneek peek is from Von aka Ergo in his Youtube account. Thanks for sharing!

NOTE: the medley / theme are arranged in a manner that she was able to sing the song completely... not half or so...

1: Call me

2: Halo

3: claire marlo medley
---Til they take my heart away
---one song i dont know the title..

4: Movie theme:
---Never too far
---Only hope
---my heart will go on

5: Peter Cetera / Chicago Medley (one of the surprisingly best)
---if you leave me now
---glory of love

6: Selected songbird hits

---Tuwing umuulan
---On the wings of love

7: duet with eva castillo
(aegis medley)
---- Ulan
----- another song na di ko alam ang title (lyrics are sana bukas nasa ibabaw naman)

8: Eva castillo solo
(some old song i really dont know the title, but superb)

9: Michael Jackson Medley
-----Beat It
------Billie Jean

10: Michael Jackson / Cory Aquino Tribute (she will offer a moment of silence here)

---Gone too soon

11: Heart Medley (SUPERB!)
----- What About Love
----- These Dreams
------ Alone

12: Boys hit medley

------ ako'y iyong iyo
------ hinahanap hanap kita

CLOSING TEASE (okay, so in this next songs/ medleys, she will always say that it's the last and such, we will scream more, when we thought its really over, she will come back again. she will do this 3 times.)

13: Eraserheads Medley
------- i forgot the titles eh. hehe... 3 eheads songs arranged in a super high pitch.

14: Idols medley

---- I Believe
---- This is my now
---- a moment like this

15: her real closing song

And im telling you (different arrangement, higher, higher version)


Lornie said...

I wish that Regine will sing more low key songs in her repertoire in this concert...she has proven many times over her birit would be a welcome change though...a refreshing Regine.

Jev said...

Hi! I saw the second run of this concert tonight (august 8).. she did not do the MJ medley anymore, but was replaced by madonna's papa don't preach. anyways, it was a stellar night! I loved the Eheads medley and Chicago medley! :)