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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Darna's Villainesses

Nadine Samonte as Babaeng Impakta. She looks like she's carrying Precious (Lord of the Rings) or some Anak ni Janice (Tiyanak) or Undin. Click Images to Enlarge them.

Francine Prieto's towering Babaeng Tuod. She really looks fierce!

Ehra Madrigal's Babaeng Lawin reminded me of this Japanese Movie that has a heroine with wings. Hopefully, the special effects will be consistent.

Maggie Wilson's Babaeng Linta is somewhat boring. I never knew leeches have tentacles.

Darna Teaser 9 Video courtesy of airkedidi

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Cita Grace said...

Mas mukhang exciting ang villains ngyon ng Darna kaya dapat talagang abangan!