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Friday, November 5, 2010

Been Waiting - Regine's Fantasy

I have been waiting as well for Regine's new album. I personally do not like the album title Fantasy since it can be used against her. Mariah Carey has the same album title. I really do not understand why the people working for and with Regine did not even suggest for a better and original album title. Regine has avoided singing Mariah' songs. I have not heard her sing any of Mariah's hit songs in Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel. There are so many words that can be used to replace Fantasy. They can use Mirage, Phantasm, Illusion, Dream or even Fairy tale.

The album is a dream come true for most Regine fanatics. Another pre-Christmas treat since it's a double cd. One cd will have original tracks and the other one will have covers. It'll have 22 tracks. Hopefully, there'll be 11 originals and 11 covers. There has been no advice yet from record bars on the tentative release date of this album. It might be released on the last week of November.

It is very obvious that most of the pictures were inspired by Regine and Ogie's Pre-Nuptial shoot. The pictures are good. A friend commented that some of the black and white pics were not that sharp. Still, lots of great pics to choose from for the album layout. 

Regine has been waiting for her dream wedding. Her fans are waiting with her. For those who can't be accomodated in her wedding - Fantasy will be a good alternative solution. After all, we've been waiting for something new from our Songbird.

Here's one of the Original tracks - Been Waiting. Enjoy!

Thanks to Universal Records and Nice Print Photo.



Anonymous said...

FYI: Mariah's album was entitled "DAYDREAM", not fantasy. heheheheheheh sorry.. haba ng discussion mo eh :)

Sirenspeaks said...

Congratulations! Somebody knows his or her Mariah's albums. Whoever you are, I commend you for reading and noticing the misleading info meant to challenge the readers.

I Still don't prefer the use of Fantasy since it's still connected to Mariah. Thanks for having the courage and the presence of mind.

Anonymous said...

fantasy is okay. napakarami ng gumamit ng fantasy and it can not only be associated as a mariah song title:

let's wait for the album :-)

Anonymous said...

i'm sure there are lots of reasons bakit fantasy. kaya let's wait for the album to come out.

Sirenspeaks said...

According to Joline (Party Pilipinas), the album will be released on Nov. 15.