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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Regine's Without Me Fantasy Album ATC

I just find it weird that the event was called a Christmas launch. The only Christmassy about it was when Regine raised her wine glass with Champagne signalling the upcoming Christmas season. I never expected Alabang Town Center to be this hot. They better do something with their airconditioning system. The video will show how Regine consumed tons of tissues in wiping her sweat. The rest of the performances will be uploaded in no chronological order.

Regine's version of Claire Marlo's Without Me is so far my fave cover song in her Fantasy album. She performed this earlier with La Diva at Party Pilipinas and that somewhat depleted the emotions required by the song's lyrics. Enjoy!

Note: After uploading, I noticed that Blogger didn't do justice to the HD recording of this mini launch of Fantasy. It must be the compression that the file has gone through. I'm somewhat disappointed. Anyways, the original copy is still perfect!

Here's my youtube upload.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! You had a very nice spot!!! We were having trouble finding a good spot because there were pillars and more pillars everywhere!

Sirenspeaks said...

Awww. Too bad. The pillars were really annoying. I got annoyed by the poor a/c of this mall. More vids to be uploaded. Thanks!