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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Marian Rivera Trains Fan as Darna in Dare Duo

This is Marian Rivera as an ordinary mortal. The new Darna series has the limping Narda.

This is soo Sci-Fi! I can't help but notice the 2 moons. GMA's really investing a lot in this series.

Darna flies and see the new logo/insignia.

Some super heroine pose.

This pix reminds me of Superman and Smallville. Some ancestors.

Clearer side view flying pose.

Darna in Ayala, Makati City? or is this in Ortigas?

Clearer pix, at least Darna doesn't look like she's a Manananggal. The moon's craters or are those tree branches? --- made it look like Darna has wings.

Darna - New Generation. Hmmm, reminded me of Wonder Woman's pose.

From a limping Narda to an invincible Heroine - "Darna"

This video shows how Marian Rivera trained her fan as Darna in QTV's Dare Duo. Enjoy!

Video courtesy of EMGDY & Dare Duo.


LudyLu said...

Mas bongga malamang and darna ni marian ngayon...knowing GMA mas higigitan nila yung una.

Anonymous said...

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