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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marian Rivera's DARNA - First Night!

Darna's First Night

Why is Darna on this river?

Sensing some enemies

Darna Off Cam

Photos courtesy of Chantelly & Marian Knights


Deemancipation said...

I think Marian's Darna is the sexiest so far and the most mestiza (oh I forgot, except for Nanette Medved, the skinniest Darna ever played)...the costume is the grandest ever and fits Marian to a T...I sure hope so that it'll be a hit as much as Angel's Darna, more so surpass we'll just wait and see next month when Marian's Darna starts to fly high!

Bea Starrr said...

I can't wait to watch Marian's version of Darna...she's so sexy and pretty in the costume, no wonder Dingdong is so gaga over her!!!

Bunny Boo said...

I believe that both Marian and Angel are sexy in their costumes in their own way and beautiful too...but the question is...whose the better Darna?