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Friday, July 3, 2009

Will Regine Sing the New DARNA Theme?

The new Darna theme will be sung by Eva Castillo. Regine Velasquez nemesis in Amateur Singing Contests. I just don't know if this is final already. I have nothing against Eva. In fact, she has one of the best pipes in the industry.

I just feel that since Regine played Darna in Captain Barbel it's just appropriate that she records the new theme. In addition to that, she has been very vocal that she's a Darna fan. I always hear "Give Chance to Others", but I really wanna be selfish this time. For a production that's expected to be grandiose, the theme will be best given life by Regine's enchanting pipes. Hope that this wishful thinking will be given some Major consideration. For the meantime, I'll sulk and content myself with Regine's Darna theme of Di Na Nag-iisa.


Deemancipation said...

Yeah you're right you're being selfish. Everybody ( i mean among the roaster of GMA's talents, there are so many of them and very good too!) needs to be given a chance to sing Darna's theme song. There's no doubt that Regine will deliver with aplomb but I want others to be heard as well.

raffya said...

It's Ok :-) Regine is my favorite too but I'm not bothered by Eva Castillo singing the new DARNA Song. I'll only be unhappy if the song sucks or if she can't deliver.

But I'm optimistic things will be alright.