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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Regine's Low Key Album Invades Asia

Finally, the long wait is over. Regine's Low Key album is available in Asia. This will definitely revive Regine's career in Asia. Remember that the Asia's Songbird, is the Only Filipino artist who was successful in releasing 3 asian albums. Regine's duet with Jacky Cheung "In Love with You" even beat Madonna for the No. 1 spot in MTV Asia's top 20.

This is truly good news especially to Asian fans of Regine who are deprived of her presence in the region. The album cover has a different artwork and song sequence. Low Key is now released in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and Thailand! Grab a copy Now.

"Low Key" Asian Edition tracklisting :

1. She's Always A Woman
2. Leader Of The Band
3. And I Love You So
4. No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors
5. I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love
6. Longer
7. Tell Me That You Love Me
8. Good Friend
9. Never Be The Same
10. Of All The Things
11. Walk In Love
12. How Can I Tell You
13. Strawberry Fields Forever
14. Weeping Willows, Cattails
15. Clouds Across The Moon
16. At Seventeen
17. I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me
18. Christmas Is with Jim Brickman

source: Universal Records

Video courtesy of Reginemultimedia


Dana Mae said...

I loveeeee her version of "Clouds Across the Moon", with jazz won't tire listening to it over and over gain..."Walk in Love" is worth listening too...all in all you'll get your money's worth buying the CD.

raffya said...

Finally!!! Her CDs are back in the Asian region once again. I wish she had never left Universal/PolyCosmic to begin with. LOL

I hope this will continue on with her next album. Not the theme of 'Low key' but Regine doing a more High-profile album with lots of great original new songs. Collaborating with the likes of Jay Durias and Mon Faustino that can give her a truly International sound with inventive, upbeat new arrangements.

Angelo said...

nice post raffy! i agree all d way!

cant wait for Regine to penetrate the asian music scene once more! :D