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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Charice the Journey Begins The Ugly "Very Ugly"

Charice was well supported by her legion of fans, curious spectators and even detractors. The worst scenario in this show was the producer/concert organizer MixSonic Productions. The first video, I believe, is the head honcho of the said newly established production company.

Now, I have uploaded videos that will prove how disorganized Mix Sonic was, in terms of logistics. The 2nd video was taken at exactly 5:30pm. I believe there were people who came in early, just to secure themselves of good seats since it's FREE seating.

The SMX lady informed us that by 6:30 they'll let us in. Unfortunately, her announcement was very misleading which led to these chaotic scenes at around 7:20. What's really frustrating, was that a new line emerged on the other side of the convention. Worst, they let people in who didn't even fall in line. Just because they look RICH?

Mr. Mix Sonic stop pointing fingers. You kept on mentioning this isn't Araneta? SMX brags that it's a First Class/World Class Convention. If you have only ironed out your logistics, this wouldn't have happened. People are already tired of hearing the word "PASENSYA NA" especially if it's just a lame excuse for negligence. Lack of sincerity adds more injury to this situation. I understand that part of your clout is to get in your relatives or family members easily. People are not dumb nor naive as what you perceived them to be.

We do not appreciate that you used the long lines for your production value. Making the world think that there were throngs of people lined up just to witness Charice's world-class talent!. You know you made a Major Boo Boo (Platinum/VIP ticket holders not having their supposedly reserved seats). Your pocket or should I say bank account gained millions, but I assure you, your Soul is going nowhere near Heaven.

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Deemancipation said...

The organizers should have been prepared for the major events like these, SOP yon di ba. Those concert goers were they msjor ticket for the success of the show and yet sila din yong dinisappoint nila. Maulit pa kaya na panoorin mgs susunod nila gawin concert when the ticket buyers learn na sila produce?. Oh well...