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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Regine Strutting the Catwalk in GMA's 59th Anniversary

Having worn high heels for more than two decades now, it's definitely fun to see Regine enjoying her stiletto heels on the catwalk as captured in this video. This is a MUST SEE and since it's an amateur vid, it's still best to watch and record this momentous celebration using your preferred medium.

Regine strutting the catwalk (Click me to View)

Thanks to Kapuso for sharing this vid. This amateur video, in any manner, does not intend to pre-empt/jeopardize GMA's scheduled tv broadcast. This is merely enticing more Kapuso fans not to miss this special anniversary presentation. A celebration that is truly dedicated to the loyal Kapuso fans that helped GMA reach the No. 1 spot.


Deemancipation said...

I love you reg but stick with singing na lang.

Bea Starrr said...

Way to go regine!...malay mo ma discover's never too late!

Bunny Boo said...

As always gusto ko yung gown nya...but she needs more polishing on catwalking.

LudyLu said...

Ok na sana lakad ni regine medyo malayo lang kuha.

Dana Mae said...

Agree ako, kumanta na lang si regine at umarte. Don sya magaling.