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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marian Rivera's DARNA training wannabe Boobay in Kay Susan Tayo

When I heard Marian Rivera's name as the new Darna, I had doubts if she can give justice to the role. Angel Locsin portrayed an athletic Darna, something that previous Darnas were not able to do. Marian can definitely swim with her mermaid costume in Dyesebel but can she do fight scenes?

After watching her training in Wushu and her balancing act using a harness, I'm more than 100% convinced, Marian can be a better Darna as compared to Angel Locsin. I have not seen Angel do a back flip when landing nor more complicated fight scene moves.

To better understand the level of difficulty of Marian's Darna moves, watch her train Boobay in an episode of Kay Susan Tayo. I have seen these videos for more than a dozen times already and I get the same feeling of unexplained laughter. Boobay is very very funny! Also, the bloated Regine Velasquez impersonator is very promising! Watch and experience the same joy! ENJOY!

Thanks to genesis028 for the vids! Photo courtesy of & marsravelo!


Bea Starrr said...

Mas bagay nga atang darna si boobay hahaha!

Anonymous said...

i dont want darna to do wushu..pinoy si darna at hindi chinese. pinoy street fighting na lang sana, besides it will be very awkward for marian to do wushu posts in her darna (bikini type) costume. yung mga stance kasi nakabukaka O.o ok tignan dun sa training because naka jogging pants sya.

raffya said...

Thanks for this Darna Marian training article. I love the videoclip you shared with me.

GMA's mistake is in allowing Marian's pictorial to give the wrong impression on the DARNA costume. The shorts isn't supposed to be that tiny or low waist.

As far as fighting style, whether its wushu or street fighting, the bottom line is GMA needs to hire a director who will allow DARNA longer fight scenes as opposed to the 2005 version where they have her doing wushu poses for what seems like forever but she only gets to do a few punches. The rest of the time, DARNA & VALENTINA are just shown taunting each other verbally.

Vilma Santos' DARNA used Street fighting , not wushu and overall was visually more effective than all the poses the wushu choreographer & director had Angel's DARNA do.

Sabi mga ni Valentina (Alessandra) in the first encounter between her and DARNA on the rooftop with Efren " TAMA NA ANG SATSAT, LABAN NA!!"

GMA Series Director should heed that same advice.