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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Charice the Journey Begins

So what's so special about this concert? It is Charice Pempengco's so-called first major solo concert. Initially, they were planning to stage it at the Araneta Coliseum, but due to time constraints the SMX Convention center was the more obvious choice for this special concert.

The SMX is a new concert/convention venue, so expect very good air conditioning and clean facilities. This is better than the quaint Folk Arts Theatre where new artists usually had their baptismal of fire. Charice will definitely enjoy her stage in the SMX. Also, she won't be indifferent if you compare this to the world class venues where she had performed with international artists like Celine Dion.

To make this a more memorable concert, Asia's Songbird "Regine Velasquez" will grace her show. Charice's appearance in Divas 4 Divas (US) is just a teaser. Finally, speculations and fan wars will be put to an end. A temporary ceasefire for these artists' loyal devotees.

There may be conflicts with these artists' schedule, but I'm sure that given their gift for music, these Divas can come up with a special duet. I'm crossing my fingers that they will perform And I'm Telling You with counterpoints of course, instead of the boring and usual When You Believe performances.

This concert will definitely banish all unfounded truths (irony) that Charice never openly declared her admiration for the Filipinos' beloved Songbird - Regine Velasquez. You still have more than a week, so for your tickets and seat arrangements just click the highlighted words. Watch Charice with the formidable Filipina Divas sharing one stage. Enjoy!

Thanks to Moji3's vid!!!

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Karen Joan said...

Regine and Charice together would be a blast!!!