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Saturday, June 20, 2009

MC Vs RV's LVs

DIVAS Mariah Carey and Regine Velasquez' special affinity to Louis Vuitton's Mega Iconic Monograms. It's not about the Divas anymore since they share the same passion to make the Ultimate Fashion statement.

The initials LV nowadays are synonymous to Fame & Wealth. So, I'm wondering on LV's net worth! Why isn't HE included in Fortune's Richest? How much would a Louis Vuitton's strand of hair cost? After all, you can't find everything on ebay just like what everybody says (Them - Ordinary People).

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Betong said...

It's a flawless victory. Hands down. MC wins the LV title. However, for an asian to have this much LV as RV, it's also a feat to beat. And the winner is... Louis Vuitton. Getting richer and richest, probably.

Betong said...

Sometime soon, i'll also post my pictures grazing on my Louis Vuittons. Just you wait.

*Calling Louis Vuitton... HELP!!! Hahaha!!!

deemancipation said...

What can I say...even with LV's Mariah can't help herself not to unshed some clothes..this woman is a total's like saying, Me or LV?..start casting your votes guys hehehe