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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies at 50 Gone Too Soon

CNN has not confirmed it, but TMZ, LA Times and CBS did.


LA Times

Gone Too Soon (Thanks to Roby76 for this live performance from the KING of POP)


Deemancipation said...

It's all over the news in internet,print and tv...the king of pop is dead...50 is relatively young, such a waste of talent..he can still reinvent himself and shine again...but God has his own plan for him.

Betong said...

Mariah and the other Divas feel for the loss of the King of Pop. They will be performing at Michael Jackson's supposed concert in London. She will be singing... you guessed right... "I'll Be There".

Vanessa said...

It was so sad... I quickly downloaded and watched his music videos... Just to reminisce... My favorite is Thriller (as usual) and Remember The Time... Rest In Peace, King of Pop...